Vision blocking/clipping plane voxel

I don’t know how feasible this would be, but it would be super cool if there was a “delete” voxel or some way that prevents things from being rendered that are behind it?

When surrounding something it’d basically make it so no-body can see it, otherwise it acts like i guess one-way glass

I think it should be obvious why this is appealing - this would unlock an extreme amount of kitbashing potential as players can block-out meshes at will, in addition to potential gameplay benefits by blocking players from seeing the same thing.

Doing something like this in voxel form seems like a great way to make it modular and allow maximum freedom/creativity with it. Obviously currently things that are completely surrounded by other things get cut off by the clipping plane, I assume there’s gotta be a way to manually have that happen?

My science diagram to science explain what I mean:

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