Visual coding in Crayta

Currently, coding in Crayta is done through Lua scripts. The creators of these scripts can expose properties of the scripts, that users who aren’t as familiar with Lua can use to adjust behaviour of aspects of their game.

This feature request suggests that a visual coding layer should be implemented, so that users who aren’t confident with writing pure Lua code can drag and drop pre-written sections of code together in a more intuitive way, that will allow them to still create new and unique game logic. There is potential that this could even be accessible to basic mode users.

For an example of this, see Google Blockly - Blockly  |  Google Developers

Votes on original board: 4


I think this is an awesome idea that deserves more votes.

To be fair, the syntax and quirks of a code interface, to say nothing of the OOP paradigm, can appear quite daunting for very many people who would also wish to do more interesting stuff in their game creations.

I would absolutely love the have this feature. I can use the blueprint systems in UE and blender with ease, but regular scriping, even though I’m learning, is often still a bridge to far.