Volumetric World Settings

Volumetric World Settings allows you to specify world settings in a localized part of your world using triggers.

You can get set up with Volumetric World Settings in 5 easy steps:

  1. Add an instance of the volumetricWorldSettings script to an entity (or script folder) in your world
  2. Add some triggers to your world to define the space where the world settings will be different
  3. Click and drag each trigger into the “Volumes” property on the volumetricWorldSettings script
  4. In the script properties, find the world settings you’re interested in, select “Override”, and then change the property to your liking (remember, the property will only be applied once you are in one of your triggers in play mode)
  5. Enter play mode, enter your trigger, and watch the magic happen!


You can start experimenting right away with the built-in sample template (featured in the header image above)