Voxel Hunt

Release of Voxel Hunt

Two teams fight against each other in this sci-fi shooter. Each team tries to get voxel crystals in the center and bring them back to the base, the other team tries to prevent that.

The center is only open for a limited time before it closes again. So you don’t have much time to take the voxels.

Note: With “Q/Extra-1”-Key you can hide the scoreboard. More Hotkey information will be added tomorrow.

Known bugs:

  • The font is sometimes not loaded correctly

Biggest update yet.

Voxel Hunt - Update 0.2

  • 3rd person replaces 1st person view for a better feeling
  • Significantly wider level layout
  • Remade the Voxel Launcher
  • There are now small platforms rotating around the center
  • Added shouts and effects after scoring points
  • New UI progress bar, which shows the current status in the center (when it will come up or down)
  • Added more effects to the player
  • Adjusted run and jump speed

Extra update for Voxel Hunt - based on feedback:

  • Reactivated respawn time
  • If the player dies, his inventory will be reset. So the player definitely has to bring the voxel back to base in order to score
  • The damage of the Voxel Launcher has been reduced so that the player can withstand a direct hit. The damage radius has also been reduced

looks Good, add some laser cutting, or a nice pick, i’m making my own CRAYTA Game now too, in the new player area, and are unlocking “Corn”

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Thanks! I’m trying to improve it further :wink:

Voxel Hunt - 0.3 Update

  • New menu UI and animations
  • Added new sounds and music
  • Made entire floor and wall textures darker, which gives the game a more sci-fi feeling
  • Adapted the layout of the platforms
  • Added Halloween decorations
  • Fixed a projectile bug
  • Fixed a center animation bug