Voxel meshes - meshName - Create a unique copy of this Asset (not unique)

spend several hours and narrowed it down to this issue.

after dragging a voxel mesh twice on the screen, if one is resized, the other one resizes.

if a unique copy is made, the same effect happens.

if two voxel meshes from different voxels, they resize independently.

i’ll do it the long way unless the unique copy is suppose to work.

I’m unable to reproduce this issue as you’ve stated above can I get a more accurate description?

(I drew a small cube in Edit, volume selected it and extracted it to a voxel mesh. I then placed a copy of that voxel mesh down next to it. I then pressed “create a unique copy” which separated the link. Now when I draw on one voxel mesh, the other is unaffected. As I understand it, you are seeing that they continue to affect / copy each other.)

here is a video. the first two extrudes appear to be unique, the 3rd extrude happens to both.

2nd video here.