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  • Really inventive and great to see new genres being made!

  • Some 3D UI / indicator that scarecrows are collecting resources

  • Indication of being attacked would be good

  • Indication of currently selected unit

  • Allow some alternative camera movement with WASD, some zoom controls

  • Possible to have RMB to issue move orders, rather than drag

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  • UI is a bit vague in the bottom right, needed to be explained that it was shot + reload speed, and attach + defense power; is it necessary?
  • Needs to draw attention to the base being attacked
  • Change tank lives to be per individual rather than pool? Balance with scaling difficulty
  • Remove tank health entirely, not really a necessary mechanic

Oh, i missed this entirely. I would like to get some feedback on this game in currently working on.

It is only a little test for some basic stuff in preparation for a series of games. The games will not be connected to this one, but it will base on most things i used here already so Iā€™d like to hear some feedback/ideas on any of the mechanics.

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