Warp Tunnel package

Name: Warp Tunnel
Creator: AdamO (In Discord)

The Warp Tunnel package provides a WarpTunnel template, and a set of scripts, to allow you to create your own warp-effect tunnels as seen in the Dark Circus Hub.

How to use

  • Place the WarpTunnel template into your world and adjust it to suit your game or world.
  • The main script is the “TransitionTriggerScript”, which checks where the player is, and tells the other components how much progress to display. This is all client-side, so bear in mind that the collision for moving parts isn’t updated - it’s advised that you don’t allow players to reach the moving parts of your tunnel, and keep them in the center, like in the Dark Circus Hub tunnel.
  • You can use the ProgressMoveAndRotate and ProgressSound scripts to control moving or rotating objects as the player progresses, and to warp the pitch on sound entities. You can also look at how these work and create your own, for example, a ProgressLight script if you wanted the intensity of a light to change as the player progress through the tunnel.
  • For entities that should transform and remain that way, like the tunnel, add them to the “oneWayProgEntities” array on the trigger. For entities that should transform one way and then back again as you reach the end of the tunnel, like the pitch of the laser hum sound, add them to the “fullProgEntities” array.
  • The player’s progress through the tunnel is measured between the startLocator and endLocator set in the trigger’s properties - you can move these and extend the trigger if you want a larger tunnel.
  • To test your tunnel effects without going into play mode, tick “simulate” on the transitionTriggerScript properties, and then simulate the parent entity of the trigger and any moving parts. This will play the effect over (by default) 5 seconds so you can preview it without previewing the game. Remember to untick simulate when you actually play the game.