Weapon with limited ammo

I made a package where you can set max ammo to weapons. Change the MaxAmmo or CurrentAmmo property on the gunScript. Setting MaxAmmo to 0 disables that functionality. You can add the amount of pickup items by editing the amount property in the pickupSpawnerScript. This comes in handy, especially for pickups like ammo packs. You can also set an ammo template in the gunScript properties to decide which ammo template gives the ammo a weapon needs. I also fixed the clip visualization from the original crosshairWidget which seems to be buggy in the original Crayta package and added the max ammo and current ammo to it.

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Great! Thank you so Much…I Need this!
Did you shared the package in the community library? The name is weapon with limited ammo?

Thanks again!

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Yes, it’s either this or “weapon with limited ammo (daigorō)”

Hi! I just tried your package. Can you explain me the difference from current ammo and max ammo? The boolean has clip must be activated?

Another question…I setted the template for the ammo but I found only 1 mesh for it. Did you know if there is a possibility to add different type of ammo mesh? For example cartridge for shotgun or clips for pistol.

Thanks again

Your current ammo just defines how much Ammo the weapon has when picked up (or after being picked up, it is the amount of ammo you have after using some or picking up more clips).

You can use any mesh for the ammo template(s), but there currently is only a single clip mesh afaik.

Great! now I start to understand… Current ammo are the total ammo for that weapon in my inventory, while max ammo are the max ammo that a weapon can load in it…ok thanks again for the help.

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