When editing a script Shift + LeftClick only works sometimes

Describe the bug:
When trying to select multiple characters of text in the script editor, the selection only works sometimes. Other times nothing is selected (like if you didn’t hold down Shift).

How do you cause this bug?

  • LeftClick somewhere in a script to place the cursor. Hold Shift and LeftClick somewhere else (preferably after scrolling down a bit in a big file).

Which platform: PC

Which input: keyboard + mouse

Your Crayta username: Vilva#9953

How regularly do you see this? (E.g. 2/3 times - please try 3 times if possible): Every second selection

Version number (found in Help tab in Settings): 0.d5.9.111485

Hey @Vilva !

Thank you for bringing this to our attention as well.
I have opened up a ticket to get this investigated by our internal team. :relaxed: