Winner Screen

Package Name: (Vilva) Winner Screen
Creator: Vilva#9953

After a round ends show the winning player in the resultsCamera. Works with the default “game” script. Disables player movement for the winner during the results screen.

  • Install the package: (Vilva) Winner Screen
  • Add the “WinnerScreen” template to your game world
  • Add your player template to the WinnerScreenScript properties
  • Add 2 event bindings to the gameController: onResultsStart, onResultsEnd (see image)
  • Adjust the resultsCamera and the WinnerLocator as you like. Hint: Use a NPC under the WinnerLocator for easier adjustment

If you have any questions or feedback, reach out to me (Vilva#5980) in the Crayta Discord :slight_smile: