Witchcraft: Battlegrounds

Hey everybody!
Realized I have never put my game “Witchcraft: Battlegrounds” here…
Check it out here:

Has seen several updates and I am continuing to improve.
Currently mostly working on performance improvements that will hopefully allow more players simultaneously into the huge map for some epic battles in the future.

Features include:

  • Complete map of the grounds of a certain magic castle
  • Take over areas of the map for buffs
  • Multiple offensive spells with different properties
  • Shielding
  • Teleporting (New, check it out!)
  • Overview Map

Here’s a couple impressions:

I’m constantly adding features and improving the map.
Super happy for suggestions and feedback, just post here or PM me in the Crayta Discord chat (dexter#5056).

Hope to see you in the game sometime soon!


Some more screenshots:

I love the teleport spell in this game, whenever I’ve played, keep trying to kite other people up to have a epic rooftop spell battle.