Working Production Line

This package is an example of a working production line.

To install

  1. Go to the community tab and search “Production Line”
  2. Install the package “Working Production Line”
  3. Drag the “ProductionLineExample” template into the world

This will provide you with an example production line that takes an entity and moves it along the conveyor and changes the mesh in each machine along with playing animations and effects.

In this example the main properties to use on the production line entity are…

  • stockTime = the time it takes for the entity to get from that start to the end of the conveyor
  • spawnRate = the rate in which items appear at the start of the belt
  • autoRun = the production line will start on Init if checked, otherwise you’ll need to call StartProduction()

Conveyors can be chained together by specifying which conveyor belt is the next belt in the chain by using the “nextBelt” property.

UPDATE: - A new update allows for multiple entities per belt thanks to a code snippet from Daystiny!

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