Working TV Package

EGS Name: TwentyNineDev
Contributors: TwentyNineDev
Package Name: Working TV
Package Description: This package turns the base TV meshes into working TVs you can place in your world. It provides preconfigured templates for the flat panel, antique and retro TV meshes. If you don’t mind a small bit of CSS coding, you can customize the package to display your own content.

Demo: Crayta


  • 5 pre-configured channels as examples.
  • Each channel can have its own soundtrack (or sound effect).
  • Script options to:
    • Disable color.
    • Set your own interact prompt text (only displays if the Crayta Prompts package is installed)
    • Show or hide the channel indicator.
    • Set the starting channel.
    • Limit the total number of channels available.

Installation Instructions

Note: I accidently published my preview package that I was using internally for my own testing. You want the one that doesn’t say anything about ‘preview’ in the description. I’m hoping the fine folks at U2G can save me from myself and help me figure out how to scrap the other one. Sorry for the confusion.

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Search for the ‘Working TV’ package and click install.
  2. After the package is installed, you should see the following new Templates available in your game:
    • retroTV
    • modernTV
    • antiqueTV
  3. Simply drag one of these templates into your game world and you should be up and running.



  • Depending on image complexity, you’ll be limited to only a handful of animated frames due to file size limits. All UI images must be 1MB or less total.
  • The TVs use the larger widget texture sizes, so you probably can’t have 20 of these running in your game at the same time.
  • Max of 5 total channels. This was a design choice on my part. If you need more, it should be pretty easy to keep going and add more channels.

Creating Your Own Channel Content

Here’s an overview of how you can put your own images on one of the channels:

  1. Create a new png or jpg image (<=1MB) of the appropriate size (640px wide by 360px high) in your image editing program.
  2. Upload your new image to Crayta - Create Games as a new UI image.
  3. Wait for your image upload to be approved.
  4. Once approved, paste the URL of your image upload into the widget’s CSS.

If you’re creating an animated sequence, there are two additional steps:

  1. Calculate the background size dimensions needed to animate all frames.
  2. Set up a new keyframe definition for the animation.

Video Guide

I’ve created a guide that explains how to create both types in more detail here:

Have fun! -T9d


Wow, this is fantastic! I just played the demo. Wonderful work!