World Settings - Basic Mode package

Name: “World Settings - Basic Mode”

Currently, the world settings (things like time of day, fog, color grading, post process etc.) are only accessible through advanced mode, which means you need to be on keyboard and mouse to adjust them. We do plan on making this accessible to basic mode in the future, however for now, this package will allow basic mode users to adjust all of the world settings through an almost identical interface, allowing world settings to be changed on controller as well as mouse and keyboard in basic mode.

The package contains a worldSettingsScript and a “World Settings” template (which is just a locator with the script attached). Simply place the World Settings template into your world (make sure you only create 1 of them), and then you can adjust the script properties on it to adjust the time of day. Note that, unlike changing the world settings in advanced mode, these will not take effect in the editor, only when you play / preview your game.

Note: I’ve realised that some of these world settings require a box to be ticked in the actual world settings window to override them (such as fog). That will still require you to enter advanced mode, since the script can’t access those values through Lua, but then you’ll be able to set the values through this script in basic mode.

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