World Transition package

Name: “World Transition”

The world transition package provides some basic logic to allow players of your game to move between different worlds of your game. You can see it used in some of our launch games, including Interception and Crayta Sprint League.

The package contains 2 templates. The “World Portal” template can be dropped into your world, and contains a trigger. When players are in that trigger, they will get a countdown before being sent to the other world. You can drop one of these straight into your world. The “User Transition Timer” is a script folder that needs to be attached to the User template, for the world transitions to work.

Note that you cannot go between worlds while previewing in the editor. You’ll know that the package is set up correctly and is working if you see a message in the console that says “Sending user to world”. This means that when your game is played through the Play page, users will be moving between worlds as expected.

Edit: I’ve realised that the sun, fog and skylight values may not work unless “overrideSun, overrideFog and overrideSkylight” are ticked in the main world settings menu, since those override values cannot be accessed through Lua currently