World tree fails to load + crash

Describe the bug:

[2021.10.06-17.59.31:497][615]LogWindows: Error: Error: Assertion failed: false [File:F:/Jenkins/0/release/Game/Source/ProjectZero/PZPlayerController.cpp] [Line: 6593] 

How do you cause this bug?

  • List the steps
    exit preview. sometimes it fails to load the world tree. After a few seconds it crashes.
    Going into preview and quitting may or may not fix it.

Which platform: PC

How often?:
A lot, probably sent around 20 crash logs since yesterday.

Seems to happen after 90 seconds, when the world isn’t loaded after leaving preview.

Hi there @Ya_shi_shi ,

Would it be possible to provide a bit more information on this issue?

  • Does the world tree have many assets/folders/effects?
  • What world were you editing?

Screenshots would be very helpful here, as I’m sure you are building such great projects!

The more information you provide, the more likely it is that this bug can be fixed quickly! :relaxed:

I have entered a ticket into our system for our internal team to investigate this issue further.

Yes, the world that i am editing has a lot of script folders, however it happens when loading into the hub too. It seems like a few other users experience issues with loading their world tree too, however it seems like i am the only one who also crashes because of this.
If this crash happens in the hub, it is usually while i am in loading screen. When it happens in edit mode, it happens while i am in the editor (usually after previewing). Sometimes it also happens in loadingscreen too (when i first launch the game).

Oh, forgot to mention the world name:

Hey Ya_shi_shi!

Thank you very much for providing more information!
I have added the additional information to the already created ticket for our team to investigate further :slight_smile:
Keep on sending those reports when the crashes occur, stay strong; we shall find a solution :pray:

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That’s no problem for me, since as soon as I join the game and keep an eye on the world tree, i have no issues.

In case anyone else is building a lot and has that issue:
Just switch into preview as soon as you see that the world tree remains empty to avoid that issue. After previewing, just hit F5 one more time and recheck the world tree, it usually loads the next time.

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