Y axis behaving differently on mouse and controller

Prior the last patch, both mouse and controller Y axis were behaving the same as far as I can tell, and that was the “ok” way for me, without the need to invert the axis.
Following the last patch, I’ve had to turn on the Y axis inversion in order to have it working as before (and that’s fine!), however only last night I’ve tried with the controller as well, only to find out that I need to turn it off for the controller, then on again for the mouse.
Not sure what the change in the patch was, or if everyone understands the Y axis as I do, but either a revert to the previous state, or alternatively a separate setting for mouse/controller would be great.

Hello DarXyde,

Just wanted to clarify the behavior you’re observing. From what I gather, you are experiencing the camera moving in a direction opposite what you expect? For example: up on the joystick does not move the camera in the same way that moving the mouse up does until the y axis is inverted?

Hi Mike,

That’s correct, exactly what I was trying to say.

Does the issue persist when you change the setting and revert it without changing inputs?