Yogarine Util package

Hey there, this is my first little mini-package, but I intend to expand on it as I create more helper functions to facilitate common coding tasks.

This package is exclusively focussed on Lua coding. It currently contains two scripts / Classes:

  • Util
    This class contains some generic convenience functions:

    • Util.Average(collection):
      Calculates the average of all items provided. This also works with classes that override the add function, like Vector and Rotation. This means you can use this to create an average Vector by providing it a list of vectors.
    • Util.DumpVar(data)
      This will dump the contents of the provided variable in a readable form. Very useful for debugging!
  • Stack
    This is a table which allows you to have a fixed amount of items, overwriting the oldest item each time. It also has a convenient Stack:Average() function.

    local stack = self:GetEntity().stack:New(3)  -- Stack will only contain 3 items.
    -- [...]
    local averagePosition = stack:Average()

You can use these classes by attaching this script to an entity and retrieving it from other scripts through self:GetEntity().util or self:GetEntity().stash. For your convenience there is also a Util template which is basically just a Script Folder with the util and stash scripts already attached to it.

I plan to extend this package with a lot more functions and classes as I need them. Also, if you have any suggestions yourself let me known!

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