Your game had a glitch

Crayta crashes each time I’m trying to open my game :frowning:

Can you confirm if this is still happening? and do you remember what you were doing the last time you made it into game? Sounds like a major issue but I’ve not seen it myself!

No, the bug is gone after some time. The crash happened several times in a row. First time I deleted one symbol from the UI Widget, I think it was the first symbol of array ("[") in the js model initialization. Then after restart it happened exactly at the same action. I think I tried the same again (with same result), or not, I don’t rememeber exactly.

Then I knew better not to do it, but the crash started to happen each time I started the game. Now it seems ok. When I managed to finally start the game I was very careful to not delete that symbol first and wokarounded the change, but eventually I did what I wanted ( transformed array to object ), but now I’m afraid of touching the widgets ever again…

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