YT Projectile weapons 1.01 tutorial spawns projectile in weird places

Hi -
This was confirmed as a possible bug by Adam in discord awhile back. Just wanted to document.
At time 5:07 in YT tutorial projectile weapons 1.01, When I fire the projectile, it spawns in weird places, not from the front of the launcher.

I’m sure this is very trivial to workaround, but as I am a novice and I don’t have any skills, I have to follow the tutorial like a robot! :slight_smile:

Anyway - hopefully someone can suggest a fix or find time to fix it.

I can only guess what happened, but did you maybe change the MuzzleLocator property or move the MuzzleLocator entity in the template?
I used the gun package a couple of days ago and my projectiles spawned properly.

Thanks for your reply!
Have you tried swapping out the mesh for a rocketlauncher, and using a projectile?

I have tried this many times from scratch:
I start with the weapons tutorial:
Crayta Tutorial: Weapons - YouTube
Then I do projectile tutorial:
Crayta Tutorial: Weapons - YouTube

I have not moved the MLocator:

There is nothing else in my project

Here is a share of my project:


thanks again,

update - maybe the issue is shouldfireprojectile ?

Here is the stock crayta gun package with shouldfireprojectile enabled.
the template spawns on the ground: